Picture of Yaakov Chaikin Hey there!

My name is Yaakov Chaikin. By day, I am a software developer. I mostly specialize in full stack web and distributed development.

I also teach Web Development at Johns Hopkins University and have co-authored a book Core Servlets and Javaserver Pages: Advanced Technologies.

I’ve been doing software development for around 20 years (professionally) and still love it! There is something so exciting about making stuff that people use!

In 2004, I was asked to be a substitute for a graduate level course on Web Development in Java at Johns Hopkins University. I accepted and was hooked on teaching ever since, eventually taking over a couple of the web development courses in the program.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to bring my teaching to tens of thousands of students through Coursera.org.

Close to 220,000 students have taken my courses! It’s hard to imagine!

Both of my courses HTML, CSS, and Javascript for Web Developers (free) and Single Page Web Applications with AngularJS (free) made it to #1 Top Rated Course spot on Coursera.org.

I have the NICEST students!

Ok, enough about me! What about this blog?

Well, the purpose for this blog is for me to share with you (the reader) tutorials on web development as well as ideas and lessons I’ve learned from both being a member and, at times, a lead of development teams.

I’ll do my best to produce content on a regular basis, but that will probably not happen right away. I’ll have to work up to it.

If you don’t want to miss any of my (possibly sporadic) posts, sign up for the mailing list and I’ll send out an email update from time to time.

All the best,